Is it all just dos and don'ts about pots and pans?

The Torah’s dietary laws cover both the foods that we eat as well as the utensils used in their preparation. The word “Kosher” means fit in Hebrew. All things in general, inclooding foods, have a spiritual energy that affect those in contact with them. Certain foods or food combinations are deemed “Asur”, meaning forbidden, litterally ‘bound’, making any of its positive energy unaccessable. “Mutar” or permissable foods are litterally ‘unbound’. That is we can assimilate their energies into our lives positively.
During our visit, we explain much of the background behind Kosher, so that you will get a more complete picture about the pots and pans as well. We help guide you in practically setting up your kitchen along meat and dairy lines, where you will be encouraged to maintain the divisions until you are comfortable with the new arrangement.

What's Next?

After some practice you and your family will be ready for the final step in actually making your kitchen Kosher. Please click below to see the complete guide for kitchen preparation.

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